Company News

Development of energy saving software based on artificial intelligence by the Catalan company DEXMA. This project has been supporting by ACCIÓ through International Business R&D Cluster, and the new system is currently at the pilot stage in almost 3,500 buildings.
The concept of predictive maintenance is a methodology totally related to energy management, since it is based on the measurement and monitoring of the state of the installations, giving recommendations that will produce great savings. The PRÓTYPO Project aims to build a tool to carry out this methodology in energy management. DEXMA leads PRÓTYPO Project oriented towards the detection of anomalies at the energy level via chatbot. I you would like to know more about it, read on!
Would you change your energy consumption behaviour if you had an app or interactive game in your home, on your tablet or PC to help you?  This is one of the main objectives of FEEdBACk, an H2020 project that aims to use energy efficiency gamification techniques to promote smarter energy consumption through ICT applications.