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DEXGate2 is our flexible datalogger

It enables the acquisition of data from meters and sensors using MODBUS protocol. The DEXGate2 installation is probably one of the easiest in the energy market and setting up the device will take you a few minutes. This means your energy metering strategy will be easier and faster.

Smartphone compatible

Add devices from the office!

80 devices pre-configured

Ethernet & Wifi connections available

Reduced size: easy to add to your boards

Easy maintenance

5 minute installation

Remote access from DEXCell

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Hardware & DEXCell Energy Manager

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Sensors Compatible

We cover almost every sensor in the market. Start working with temperature, humidity… from the first minute.


Gateways Integrated

We set up them so you don’t have to, covering the main providers on the market.


Million Data

Readings per day. We can gather data from your single-site project or your multi-site enterprise.



We keep your data safe in real time. We have you covered!

DEXCell is 100% integrated with main hardware providers in the market